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"How to Design the Perfect Workout Program" and "Eating to Change Your Metabolism"

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Get the most out of your fitness routine with our full-body strength and conditioning classes! You'll work every body part safely and effectively. Using bands, weights, and your own body weight, you get the best strength workout possible! Plus, our classes are arranged to maximize your cardio and fast-track your results.

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We're also available for offsite speaking events! Fitness, health & motivation talks are what we do best. Email Sara to book your event.

Our programs include every tool you need for success! From Body Composition Assessments to Risk Assessments to Eating Strategies for Real Life, we'll make sure all your health and fitness questions are answered by our knowledgeable staff. You'll have several ways to measure your progress, instead of just the scale. 

We also host monthly seminars covering fitness, health, and nutrition topics. Email us to

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